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The Inquiry website is being reconstructed. The site is large and copying all files will take time. Please bear with me as I work my way through the thousands of files and once again make all the information available.? All links, pages, documents and media coverage will eventually be restored. My plan now is to try to start at the beginning to allow those unfamiliar with the very complex Cornwall sex abuse sndal to pick up the the threads. ?

If you googled a name and landed here on the home page, scroll down the adjacent list of names under “tegories” and 10:1 you will find the name. ?Click on the name and there will be links to all references to that individual which have been re-posted to date. ( If you are an iphone or cell – scroll down and you will come across the list)


17 April 2015: ? 01 May 1997:? Solicitor General Runciman washed his hands

23 June 1997? Attorney General Harnick passed the buck

21 December 1999:? Murray MacDonald won’t prosecute Perry’s ses

07 April 2015:? Perry Dunlop documents posted: 02 November 2004:?? OPP Commander Frank Ryder response to 25 October 2004 letter of Yvonne Pink ; 25 October 2004:? Dunlop lawyer Yvonne Pink to OPP Chief Superintendent Frank Ryder (regarding unannounced arrival of OPP officers at Dunlop home in BC early in morning before children had left for school)

18 March 2015:? 22 November 2007: Cornwall crusade irked ex-premier Garry Guzzo tells sex abuse inquiry of ‘war of words’ at Queen’s Park

13 March 2015: 30 November 2007: “Former Premier Harris’ actions questioned by inquiry witness” & related article? Ned Hanson page added and linked to “The Sndal” page? July 2008:? Church of St. Simon the Apostle (Toronto) newsletter – info re Ned Hanson charges and conviction? Information re Ned Hanson as chorister at Ottawa’s Anglin Christ Church thedral (Godfrey Hewitt Bio)? 12 December 1973:? Gentlemen and Boys of St. Simon’s Church under leadership of Organist and Choirmaster Edgar Hanson sings at Empire Club Christmas Dinner 1973? 16 January 2008: Guzzo wants to put former premier on stand: Former judge, MPP tells Project Truth inquiry to summon Mike Harris? 11 March 2015: 21 November 2007: “Some Provided Names Do Not Match Documents At Inquiry” & “Names don’t match up; Documents don’t match Guzzo suggestions…” 15 November 2007:? “Inquiry will send items to forensic experts to find out the names of those he blacked out; ‘I’m not certain when I did that'” & “Names in Guzzo files coded for anonymity” 14 November 2007: “Confidentiality battle pits Guzzo against inquiry” & “Document Expert To Review Inquiry Witness Papers” 14 November 2007: “Guzzo Sent Back To Cottage” & related article 14 January 2000: Garry Guzzo letter to newly appointed Attorney General Jim Flaherty 03 April 1999: Garry Guzzo letter to Premier Mike Harris’ Chief of Staff, Ron McLaughlin 23 February 1999: Garry Guzzo Letter to Premier Michael Harris

10 March 2015:? A number of articles added and pages started over the past days: Garry Guzzo page started? 18 September 1998: Garry Guzzo letter to Ontario Premier Michael Harris? 16 January 2008: Guzzo Transcript 16 January 2008? 15 January 2008:? Guzzo Transcript 15 January 2008 30 November 2007: Guzzo Transcript 30 November 2007

22 November 2007:? Guzzo Transcript 22 November 2007? 21 November 2007:? Guzzo Transcript 21 November 2007? 15 November 2007:? Guzzo Transcript 15 January 2008 14 November 2007:? Guzzo Transcript 14 November 2007? 13 November 2007:? Guzzo Transcript 13 November 2007? 07 April 1997:? Perry Dunlop letter to Solicitor General Robert Runciman?? Julian Fantino page started? Commissioner Julian Fantino Testifies at the Cornwall Public Inquiry

15 February 2015:? Besmirching the dead

13 February 2015:? Doyle-Mouton-Peterson Report Father Francis G. Morrisey omi Curriculum Vitae 28 August 2007:? Father Frank Morrissey omi CPI transcript 29 August 2007:? Father Frank Morrissey omi CPI inquiry transcript? 01 December 2005:? Report of the Rev. Francis G. Morrisey omi in response to questions relating to financial management in the Roman tholic Church(prepared for then Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall, Paul Andre Durocher and entered into evidence at Cornwall Public Inquiry) 2005:? “Confidentiality Archives and Records Management,” (Father Frank G. Morrosey omi, tholic Archives 2006 2001:? “Addressing the Issue of Clergy Abuse” (Father Frank G Morrisey omi, Studia noni 35 2001) 1992:?? “Addressing the Issue of Clergy Abuse” (Father Frank G. Morrisey omi, Studia nonica 35 1992) 1992:?? “The Pastoral and Juridil Dimensions of Dismissal From the Cleril State and of Other Penalties for Acts of Sexual Misconduct” (Father Frank G Morrisey omi, non Law Society of Ameri, Proceedings of Thirty-Third Annual Convention, San Antonipo Texas, October 14-17, 1991)

12 February 2015: The St. Thomas More Lawyer’s Guild of Ottawa Red Flag Committee information added to Justice Normand Glaude page plus files listed below First Red Flags? Points to Ponder Dunlop Statement MPP Brownell stay out of it handout A few facts (Office of the Attorney General Conflicts) The Advotes Society AG Crown conflict handout Why is Justice Glaude’s affiliation with an Ontario police/OPP agency a Red Flag? 15 May 2005:? James Bateman letter to Ontario AG Michael Brant re Glaude appointment as Commissioner? 30 September 2005:? Red Flag Committee asks Justice Normand Glaude to recuse himself Father Frank Morrissey omi page added St. Thomas More Lawyer’s Guild in Ottawa. 20 January 2001:? The Right to Know is the Bedrock of Democracy (the post